~ Eze perfume pledged to pay 10k for every post shared by celebs & influencers on social media~

In an extraordinary collaboration with partners ‘Meat Less Meet More’, Mercy for Animals, Akina, and Vandals, Eze Perfumes has successfully presented with a first-of-its-kind animal charity fundraiser on 24th November, 2023. The event, which took place at Akina, a popular luxury fine-dining hotspot in Mumbai, also marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of cruelty-free living for the perfume brand.

The fundraiser, a brainchild of well-known actor and activist, Amy Aela and sustainability advocate, Shreya Ghodawat, was a significant part of the duo’s launch of Meat Less Meet More, the first plant-based luxury networking dinner in the country. Since the fundraiser was focussed on animal welfare, it had Mercy for Animals, a noted and a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of farmed animals, playing a significant part in this collaborative effort to redefine a cruelty-free living.

Attended by an exclusive gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about sustainability, animal welfare, and conscious living, it was an evening filled with profound conversations and shared visions for a better world. The event saw celebrities like Karavnir Sharma, Divya Aggarwal, Vedhika Kumar, Sneha Ullal, Nia Sharma and others.

Apart from the fundraiser, the exclusive soiree also included numerous immersive experiences, including captivating performances and an unparalleled plant-forward dining experience to showcase the potential of a cruelty-free lifestyle. A monumental installation of Eze Perfume was also among the numerous attractions lined up for the evening, symbolising the brand’s commitment to the noble cause of ethical living.

One of the remarkable initiatives highlighted during the event was Eze Perfume’s pledge to donate Rs. 10,000 to Animal Welfare for every social media post shared by celebrities and influencers supporting the cause. This pledge underscores the brand’s unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact in the realm of ethical living.

Talking about the brand’s association for a cause, Mrs. Kanishka Jain, Director Incredible Indriya (Eze Perfumes) says, “We are thrilled with the response to the animal charity fundraiser, especially since it marks our first association with a cause dedicated to promoting compassionate living through animals. It is a unique initiative that Eze has chosen to be a part of in collaboration with Meat Less Meet More, Mercy for Animals, and Akina, and we take pride in it. The support from our partners, attendees, celebrities and the influencers has been overwhelming. This experience has not only heightened awareness among the wider audience, but has also impacted us profoundly. The funds generated for animal welfare from our end is a significant step that we have undertaken towards creating a more compassionate society as well as a sustainable one.”

Shreya Ghodawat added, “Our vision for this event was to bring a community of vegan, vegetarian, plant ethusiasts in business together for a reason. This partnership was agenda based and in sync with shared values with Eze Perfumes which doesn’t use any animal derived products or tests on animals. Eze Perfumes was the core reason why we could bring this event together on this level. The goal of Meat Less Meet More is to curate such experiences that are animal free, cruelty free and we want to bring a community together. Our vision is to bring such luxurious plant based experiences. On behalf of animals, Mercy for animals, vegans and everyone we want to thank Eze Perfumes for supporting this cause and helping us in a vision of building a community based on kindness and compassion. Kindness has truly never smelt better!”

The animal charity fundraiser was a testament to the power of collective action in driving positive change. The contributions received during this event will go a long way in supporting initiatives aimed at improving the lives of animals.