Starbucks kicks off the Holiday season with the announcement of a collaboration with Netflix for the highly anticipated film ‘The Archies.‘ Set in 1960s India, ‘The Archies’ is a live-action musical that reimagines the beloved Archie comics in the idyllic town of Riverdale. As part of this unique collaboration, Starbucks introduces #TheArchiesHolidayClassics—a special range of beverages inspired by Archie, Veronica, and Betty.

The Archies stars Suhana Khan as Veronica, Khushi Kapoor as Betty, Agastya Nanda as Archie, Vedang Raina as Reggie, Aditi Saigal as Ethel, Yuvraj Menda as Dilton and Mihir Ahuja as Jughead. The high-energy film centers around friendship and the importance of spending time with friends.

The collaboration between Starbucks and Netflix goes beyond the film itself. It aims to capture the essence of friendship and togetherness depicted in the story with the messaging of #ItStartsWithYourGang encouraging people to cherish moments spent with friends and emphasizes the idea that meaningful connections begin with the people closest to us…even better done over a cup of ‘The Archies’ gang’s favourite holiday-special beverages at Starbucks!

Transporting viewers back to the 1960s in Riverdale, the collaboration between The Archies and Starbucks brings a nostalgic journey to life. The film begins with a Starbucks partner calling out Veronica’s favorite drink order, setting the stage for each member of The Archies crew to enjoy their time at a retro Starbucks store. The gathering of good friends culminates in the shared experience of savoring festive beverages served in iconic Starbucks Red Cups. The film ends with the message, ‘Now Serving the Archies gang and Yours!’ This captivating film will dominate Starbucks’ social media, digital communications, and in-store experiences from November through the New Year in 2024.

The Archies + Starbucks holiday beverages make a special appearance in the film…in the Starbucks Red Cups!

  • Archie’s Crunchy Red Hat Mocha. Developed exclusively for India and a holiday-favourite since 2016, the Crunchy Red Hat Mocha is the coming together of the Starbucks signature Espresso, decadent mocha, and generous swirls of whipped cream and strawberry drizzle. Finished with crunchy graham crackers, this drink is almost too cute…like Archie, some would say!
  • The film starts with Veronica’s Toffee Nut Crunch. It is the perfect blend of milk, heartwarming flavors of buttery toffee and the warmth of toasted nuts. Afterall, the holiday season calls for indulgence!
  • Finally, Betty’s Chestnut Mont Blanc takes inspiration from the classic French dessert. Nothing says, “it’s winter!’ like the harmony between the earthy and nutty notes of chestnut, steamed milk, and Starbucks signature espresso. 

As consumers delight in the delightful #TheArchiesHolidayClassics, Starbucks will be offering the beloved Christmas Blend across 370 stores in 50 cities. Drawing inspiration from the original 1980’s recipe, this blend is crafted through a post-roast process, with coffees from various regions individually roasted and then expertly blended. The outcome is a cup of coffee that showcases the smooth, chocolaty flavors of Colombia and Guatemala, complemented by the spice and herbal notes of the beans from Papua New Guinea and Sumatra. Starbucks Christmas Blend is the perfect choice for a cozy winter day, offering a rich and satisfying coffee experience.