The Brand Aims to Offer a Distinctive Blend of Style, Quality, And Sophistication for Today’s Men

In a world where a plethora of men’s grooming products jostle for space and attention, Bravado, a brave new artisan luxury brand, has scripted a new narrative with its insistence on ‘impressing yourself’.

Bravado unveiled its thoughtfully selected products at Cosmoprof India 2023 in Mumbai on December 7. The aim is to revolutionize men’s grooming by emphasizing top-notch formulations, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients, and encouraging self-care centered on personal well-being rather than seeking validation from others.

The glittering launch showcased the brand’s unique collection of natural ingredient products spanning four different categories: Hair Care, Face Care, Beard & Moustache Care, and Body Care.

Backed by scientific research, Bravado’s 23 product offerings range from R3 Night Cream with Japanese Spring Water Algae Extract and the Oculux Under Eye Gel with South African plant Bulbine frutescens as an important component. Its other offerings include the one-of-its-kind Sans-Qua Waterless Facewash, Illuminate Face Serum, Artist Hair Pomade, Artist Crystal Hair Wax, and Face Sculpt Anti-Ageing Cream. All these products are free of harmful chemicals, and mineral oils and have been created using exclusive plant extracts from across the world.

Launched by entrepreneur Sumit Gupta, the brand intends to be a sustainable luxury one catering to men who opt for the finest products for their everyday care.

Bravado goes beyond cosmetics; it is an attitude that insists on the best for oneself in an ethical way. The product range is both innovative and ingenious and delivers visible results. It was developed following an in-depth study of the unmet needs in men’s grooming and it confidently demonstrates what it claims,” said Gupta.

Elaborating on the vision that led to the creation of the brand, Gupta, who is as passionate about social welfare as he is about Mother Earth, mentioned that most brands often pay lip service to environmental concerns and are careless about their carbon footprint. Moreover, their focus is on impressing others. “We, however, wanted to change that. As a luxury brand, Bravado’s green credentials remain unquestionable. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the care and concern we have put into creating every aspect of our product including ethically sourced organic ingredients and packaging that is biodegradable, reusable, and refillable,” added Gupta.

Interestingly, Bravado goes the extra mile in ensuring its production processes do not add to the environmental burden through waste recycling and minimal use of plastic. Utilizing 25-30% recycled materials in most of its plastic packaging, the brand is committed to sustainable practices. It also opts to associate with vendors and partners who are particular about the sustainability impact assessment of their operations.

Sumit, the owner of several well-known brands through his venture Pankhkh Inc, is also the promoter of Mahika Packaging India Ltd. a leading global supplier of innovative packaging solutions.

Bravado, through its products and concept, promises a divergent approach to capture the Indian male grooming market that is expected to grow from $643 million in 2018 to $3.5 billion by 2030.

From December 7 to 10, during the Cosmoprof event, Bravado will be presenting its innovative products across all categories. Expert stylists will be on hand at the Bravado stall to showcase and provide live demonstrations of the product applications to the exhibition visitors.

Its products are available on the company’s official website as well as on popular online platforms such as Flipkart, Jio, and Amazon.