TTK Prestige, a pioneer in kitchen solutions in India, has recently launched two state-of-the-art appliances— the True Edge Knife Singles and the Ace Hand Blender—designed to meet a variety of household requirements.

Prestige True Edge Knives are meticulously crafted with single-piece stainless steel and riveted handles, ensuring durability and a secure grip. Treated with a protective surface finish, these knives resist corrosion, maintaining sharpness and shine. Precision sharpening and tempered steel contribute to a cutting edge, ensuring seamless culinary experiences with minimal wrist strain.

The True Edge Knife Singles range consists of 5 different types of knives, each mastering the most intricate areas of peeling and chopping. The Paring Knife offers versatile functionality, making it the go-to choice for paring fruits and vegetables, removing seeds, skinning, and peeling. Equally indispensable is the Vegetable Knife, serving as an all-in-one cutting solution. From cutting and chopping to dicing, slicing, and peeling various vegetables, this knife adds efficiency to your kitchen routine. Complementing these is the Vegetable Peeler, designed for effortless peeling of the skin from fruits and vegetables.

For a multi-purpose cutting experience, turn to the Cook Knife with serrated edges. An excellent choice for cutting meat and vegetables, the serrated edge provides enhanced grip and tackles thick surfaces with ease. Finally, the Utility Knife, stands out with versatile slicing capabilities, making it perfect for fruits, vegetables, and tender pieces of meat.

The Ace Hand Blender is a powerful kitchen tool that transforms your cooking experience. This sleek appliance combines a powerful 250-watt motor with precision-engineered stainless-steel blades to effortlessly manage chutney, puree, smoothies, and more while consistently offering outstanding results.

The product is designed with user convenience in mind for everyday use. Featuring an ergonomically designed body ensuring a smooth blending experience with minimal strain, making it a must-have among culinary enthusiasts and professionals.

With its sleek and slim body design, the ACE Hand Blender is more than just a kitchen tool; it adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen. Its slim profile is ideal for small kitchens. This combination of style and functionality improves comfort while blending with room for easy handling and consumer flexibility.

This range of multi-purpose cutting-edge knives caters to your requirements perfectly, ranging in price from Rs. 75 to Rs. 145. The Paring Knife, Vegetable Knife, and Cook Knife are priced at Rs. 145, while the Utility Knife is priced at Rs. 125, and the Vegetable Peeler is priced at Rs. 75.

The Ace Hand Blender comes with a One-Year Warranty. The MRP of this product is Rs. 1,295 /-, but the discounted rate is Rs. 970/-. Elevate your culinary journey with the True Edge Knife Singles & ACE Hand Blender – where power meets precision and style meets practicality.