~The festival brings two splendid performances this year by the Dipesh Varma Collective and When Chai Met Toast~

The NCPA is proud to announce yet another promising edition of One World Many Musics (OWMM) festival, featuring an exciting musical lineup, right in time for the festive season. Dipesh Varma Collective will perform at the Experimental Theatre on 13th October at 7 PM and When Chai Met Toast is scheduled to take the stage at Tata Theatre on 22nd October at 7 PM. 

Every year since 2009, the NCPA has not only presented but celebrated varied musical forms with the festival to uphold the dynamic nature of music, an art form that can be traditional, contemporary and both at the same time. The intermingling of cultures, languages and genres has undeniably created space for some of the most spectacular music our country produces—music that is collective yet personal. The distinct ensembles with distinctly diverse members in this year’s line-up are all that and more.

Dr. Suvarnalata Rao, Head Programming, Indian Music shares, “The NCPA has been a home for the country’s most coveted musical and other artistic expressions. While we are proud to preserve and protect the legacy of the country’s cultural heritage, we are also constantly dedicated to enable platforms for emerging musical experiences. OWMM is a testimony to the potential of the country’s rising talent and a celebration of artists who are committed to musical innovation. We look forward to welcoming concertgoers and music lovers exploring evolving new-age presentations”.

The first performance is led by Dipesh Varma (percussion & djembe) and the ensemble includes Sridhar Parthasarthy, a senior percussionist (mridangam, kanjira, morsing), along with a younger team comprising Sandeep Mishra (sarangi), Harmeet Singh (tabla), Abhay Nayampally (guitar) and Amit Padhye (harmonium & keyboard). Besides having a mix of artistes trained in North and South Indian music traditions, the ethnic diversity of instruments adds to the appeal of the band.

Following Dipesh Varma Collective, the festival will be concluded with When Chai Met Toast.  Having met at music circles in Kerala, the quartet—comprising Ashwin Gopakumar, Achyuth Jaigopal, Palee Francis and Pai Sailesh—went on to form the pop band, When Chai Met Toast. The band is extremely popular for their simple, soothing, joyful and optimistic approach to emotions, relationships and life in general which compelled the audience to sway to their tunes. Debuting with ‘Joy of Little Things’ in 2017, followed by hits like ‘Believe’ and ‘When We Feel Young’ and others. While its music is primarily in English, some of the songs are also interspersed with Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi lyrics.  Much like its name—which signifies the coming together of Indian and Western elements—the band’s music is reflective of the union of indie folk and alternative rock with strong pop and electronic influences.  Having performed at numerous concerts worldwide, today, the band enjoys a wide following among global audiences.


Performance 1: Dipesh Varma Collective
Friday, 13th October
The Experimental Theatre, 7:00 pm
: Dipesh Varma (percussion & djembe), Sridhar Parthasarthy, a senior percussionist (mridangam, kanjira, morsing), Harmeet Singh (tabla), Abhay Nayampally (guitar) and Amit Padhye (harmonium & keyboard)

Performance 2:  When Chai Met Toast
When: Sunday, 22nd  October
Where: Tata Theatre, 7:00 pm
Artiste: Ashwin Gopakumar, Achyuth Jaigopal, Palee Francis, Pai Sailesh

Tickets are now available at the Box office and online on BookMyShow.com