~ Global rap artist Badshah, with Squad Bosses Ikka, Dee MC, Dino James, and EPR are set to bring the next generation of rap stars to the Indian audiences ~
~ The third season of the rap reality television show will air, starting October 21, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 pm on MTV and JioCinema ~

Mumbai, India’s groundbreaking rap reality television show is back for a power-packed new season! Going full throttle, POCO MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT, co-Powered by GOVO Soundbars, T-Series, Wildstone and Appy Fizz, is here to bring an electrifying wave of 3X the music, talent and entertainment! The sonic revolution is all set to bring unprecedented rap sounds from all corners of India, premiering on October 21, and thereafter every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 pm on MTV and JioCinema.

Representing the country’s youth, this season’s definitive clarion call, ‘India Ab Tumhari Baari’, urges everyone to proudly celebrate their ideologies, beliefs, issues, music, passion, culture, hood, stories, and identity. MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT is all set to reinforce MTV as a culture catalyst that has put desi hip-hop on the global map!

Leading the charge once again will be none other than the trailblazing global rap supremo Badshah. To hone talent and create industry-ready professionals, eminent Indian rap powerhouses and Squad Bosses Dee MC, Dino James, and EPR are set to return to the blazing battleground. Joining them, will be super-talented rap virtuoso, Ikka! Known for his inimitable success in underground rap music, Ikka’s versatility expands across the commercial Bollywood music landscape, making him a formidable new Squad Boss!

MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT will bring to fans rap talent with varying degrees of experience, forte and prowess, all competing on the same stage as equals. Contestants will also get to show their mettle in front of celebrity guests who will grace the new season. Elevating the musical spectrum will be Karan Kanchan, the most sought-after visionary multi-genre Music Producer in Indian Hip-hop whose biggest tracks include Baazigar, Satya and Aane De. He commented, “I am super stoked to be a part of POCO MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT, that has spearheaded this shake-up in India’s Hip-Hop Scene. The talent is exceptional, Unique and from places you won’t expect from and I’m excited for audiences to discover their new playlist favourites.”

True to the theme of India Representation, popular music producer Anurag Saikia of Panchayat fame will bring sounds from the heartlands of the country that will be relatable to the youth. He commented, “This upcoming season of MTV Hustle promises to captivate audiences with a remarkable portrayal of India’s diverse musical influences and history, ensuring fans are in for a delightful experience about our rich musical culture”.

Audiences can expect meticulously designed cutting-edge graphics, a concert-like vibe, and state-of-the-art acoustics! Musically inclusive, the songs will also feature regional, folk, Bollywood influences and unplugged versions, all of which will be available on multiple platforms including KaanPhod Music.

The latest season will also have higher stakes for the Squad Bosses, who will battle it out with 16 contestants for the ultimate glory. Each week, fans will witness epic rap performances from the Squads, wherein ‘banger’ tracks will get the much-coveted Radio Hit from Badshah.

Sharing his thoughts on the new season, Badshah said, “POCO MTV Hustle 03 Represent, India’s only desi hip-hop stage, represents the dreams and aspirations of the Indian youth. I’m excited to return to the battleground. I can’t wait for the country’s next wave of rap sensations to be discovered”

Squad Boss Ikka, leading Ikka Gangstars, said, “MTV Hustle is the only show that recognizes India’s hidden desi hip-hop voices. While I came on the show last season as a guest and got a glimpse of the impressive talent, I’m super excited to debut as a Squad Boss and be right in the middle of all the action! It’s game time!”

Commenting on the new season, Squad Boss Dee MC, of Dee MC Dynamites, said, “I have always believed that rap is a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Super excited to be back and be a part of the dynamic new season! The diversity and competition are something to watch out for.”

Squad Boss Dino James, of Dino Warriors, added, “It’s overwhelming to see the fandom that MTV Hustle has garnered, truly becoming a radical stimulus for India’s phenomenal rap talent. I feel delighted to be a part of its third season which promises to be a banger itself!”

Squad Boss EPR of EPR Rebels, whose protégé won MTV Hustle 2.0, added, “At the heart of Rap music, is storytelling. I believe conscious poetry can change the world. Especially desi hip-hop, that has always followed its own trajectory. I’m excited to be back on this stage and elevate this movement to the next level.”

Recently the IP, that has delivered 100+ chart-toppers, was in the news for its ground-breaking global partnership with T-Series. In a first-of-its-kind initiative by a non-fiction IP in India, this partnership provides exclusive music rights for worldwide distribution. Amplifying the vision of building industry-ready rap professionals, the show is committed to empowering artist journeys at a global scale.

For the exciting third season of Hustle 03, JioCinema has planned a range of exciting and engaging interactivities for its viewers. A Fantasy League has been designed that will allow audiences to make their own squad and win points for predicting which contestants will get Radio hit, highest squad scores and who would be eliminated. The person that wins will stand a chance to watch the show live. Adding to the entertainment is a fun a watch and win contest where viewers will be asked one question during the Sunday episode that will allow viewers to win exciting prizes daily. Everyone is aware of the popular meme culture, keeping this in mind, the audience will be given templates from the iconic show on which they can create their own memes. The immersive interactivities above is sure to make this season of Hustle on JioCinema an engaging experience.

Get ready to witness the rise of the next generation of desi hip-hop stars as they REPRESENT India like never before, with POCO MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT | Starting October 21, every Saturday and Sunday, at 7:00pm on MTV and JioCinema!.