~ Posture Perfect patented across over 13 countries is a the world’s most advanced chair that supports sitting postures in all positions of recline ~

Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced that its business Godrej Interio, India’s leading furniture and interior solutions brand, is expanding their portfolio of office wellness products with the launch of seating solution called ‘Posture Perfect’.

Godrej Interio announced a breakthrough in chair design, based on the unique “Trackback” technology that has been patented across 13 countries. Posture Perfect is world’s first chair to give complete back support in all positions of recline. This revolutionary product for workplaces highlights Godrej Interio’s design philosophy which is based on a human-centric approach and adaptive space solutions.

The Wellness Seating solutions category is expected to grow by 50% in FY23-24 and the Posture Perfect Chair is expected to contribute 10% of the category sales. The chair has been designed by Jimmy Unwalla, a well-respected designer in the community.

The product was unveiled in the presence of Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director of Godrej & Boyce, Anil Verma, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Godrej & Boyce along with Swapneel Nagarkar, Senior Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Interio and Sameer Joshi, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing (B2B), Godrej Interio.

Godrej Interio has been researching ergonomic risk factors faced by today’s knowledge workers. In a recent study commissioned by the brand, it was unveiled that over 50% of Indians suffer from work related musculoskeletal disorder. The study further revealed that sitting is a predominantly major risk factor in office jobs where 67% of users sit for more than 10–11 hours of a workday making them prone to back injuries Godrej Interio has a well experienced team of doctors to offer Wellness awareness consultancy services to Corporates. Godrej Interio has launched several wellness solutions such as Height Adjustable Desks and Active Seating Solutions. Posture Perfect Chair is the latest launch in this series.

Speaking about the importance of a healthy workforce, Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman & Managing Director of Godrej & Boyce said, “For the last 126 years we have been driven by the purpose of pioneering progress for generations. An ergonomic design for seating is essential for office productivity. Wellness at work is an important design criteria that ensures a healthy and fit workforce. Godrej have pioneered many innovative solutions for seating keeping in mind the need for ergonomic design and comfort at work. The Posture Perfect chair is a solution that always ensures that ergonomic features of the design are available for every position of recline while sitting. We have pioneered the concept of good & green design for all our products and this is a unique and special example of this concept.”

The Posture Perfect chair is designed to support user’s back in all positions of recline. It is built to be sturdy and long-lasting, meeting rigorous testing standards set by BIFMA. The Chair is designed keeping Sustainability in mind and has received global certifications such as GREENGUARD. The Posture Perfect chair boasts of a sleek design and offers users the flexibility to customize it to their preferences, office decor, and personal style, with a selection of more than 24 available finishes & variants. The upholstery comes in three splendid variations, each of which can be further personalised with a choice of four colors. These variants and colors cover a broad spectrum from classic to contemporary, making Posture Perfect a seamless and impactful addition to the office space, interior,and architecture.

Swapneel Nagarkar, Senior Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Interio said “Over the last 3 years, Godrej Interio has launched numerous products in the office space with a focus on wellbeing and sustainability. Over 18% of our annual revenues result from new products and solutions in this space. Our office seating solutions from our stable have a market share of 14%. We plan to increase this share to 18% by FY25 by continuing to be a customer first brand. The Posture Perfect chair range will revolutionize the seating industry not only in India but globally. Thereby providing unmatched comfort and an ideal back support in all positions of recline to the health-conscious knowledge workers who spend long hours sitting at their desk. It is one of the most advanced chairs in the world and we have patents in 13 countries including US and EU and are planning to launch this chair in global markets.”

The posture perfect product range will be available pan-India, through Godrej Interio website and stores at MRP starting from Rs. 50,000 INR to 90,000 INR.