bohoMumbai’s newest BOHO Bar and Kitchen features a tropical retreat vibe, ceilings that touch the sky, breathtaking decor and a sumptuous multi-cuisine fare to indulge all palates.

Some of the main reasons why Mumbai is such a popular city amongst folks young and old are its high-octane nightlife, astounding culinary hotspots and colossal buildings that make you look up to the vibe that this remarkable city stands for. Mumbai’s newly launched and one of the tallest indoor Bar and Kitchen BOHO is here to cater to that exact feeling of joy, with a promise to keep the hard workers entertained and the foodies satiated!

Situated in the cutesy suburbs right in the heart of Goregaon, the swanky and gorgeous BOHO Bar and Kitchen opens its doors to a 4800 square foot ethereal space that features ceilings 60 feet tall. The massive Bar and Kitchen will transport you to a dream-like abode of regal red couches, life-size trees and lush green plants, effervescent lights and graffiti to set the mood, beautifully carved wooden banisters and golden brass accents. With splashes of turquoise, Moroccan printed, black and white tiled floors and an enormous wall of glass that reflects the soothing sunlight in daytime and blinks of Mumbai’s cityscape at night, BOHO is a modern sensory experience in itself.

BOHO has five co-founders Roshan Thakkar, Kushal Sankhe, Kedar Shetty, Aniket Patil and Chandrashekhar Shetty helming the inimitable place.

Commenting on the lanch, Kedar Shetty, co-founder and director said, “Mumbai is rightly called the city that never sleeps because of the constantly hustle and bustle. With the launch of BOHO Bar and Kitchen, we aim to provide a respite from the concrete jungle into a tropical forest almost; a place that can perfectly unite old world charm with contemporary offerings. We’re one of the tallest indoor bar and kitchens in Mumbai and being situated in a commercial building, we are excited to offer an extravaganza that will beat all post work blues and then some.”

A gastronomical delight, BOHO Bar and Kitchen has something for everyone here. The extensive multi-cuisine food galore highlights a few crowd favorites such as Chaats, Comfort Food like Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce, Traditional Indian, Continental and Asian main courses along with experimental Charcoal delights such as Activated Charcoal Naan, Black Chicken Tikka Popcorn and Smoked Charcoal Tomato Soup for a holy smokes moment! Not a teetotaler? Worry not because BOHO believes in the keep em’ coming philosophy when it comes to their bar selections. From the best liquor to their signature cocktails that include the refreshing Full Harvest with Vodka, Lemongrass, Rosemary & Cucumber, Caribbean Mule and Bond’s O Delight for Rum and Gin goodness, Unoriginal Sin for the Whiskey lovers and Golden Roots with Tequila that will make you swing and dance, BOHO promises to breathe a new lease of life in the food and drink world of Mumbai.

Offering a grand Salut! BOHO promises to breathe a new lease of life to the opulent world of hospitaltiy.

locationAddress: BOHO Bar and Kitchen, 3rd Floor, SV Road DLH Park, near MTNL signal, Sunder Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Timings: 12 PM to 1:30 AM

Phone number: +91 81819 51951